Maternity and Bump-Friendly Styles.

So these pages are a catalogue of my maternity wardrobe. As I'm a big fan of jersey, I found the first trimester really easy to dress for from my existing wardrobe.

First most useful things to have were a couple of stretchy skirts, and longer than usual tank tops which I could layer to cover my not-quite closing jeans, and wear with my regular t-shirts and tops. This was sufficient until about half way.

I made three versions of this waterfall cardigan (navy blue not shown). Which have proven to be very useful. Not only can I wrap them over to cover if I'm feeling a bit cool, they have the added bonus of creating long vertical lines, which is helpful for keeping the visual proportions of the bump 'cute' rather than ridiculous (ie, slimming).

Drafting post can be found here.
Construction and materials notes here.

As my other clothes got a bit tighter, I created a basic knit dress with side gathers, which I made two versions of. This is also the foundation for other pieces.

Which grew into a 4 piece collection (actually makes 5 styles), consisting of a dress with sleeves, a t-shirt, a tank dress (can also make tank top but I didn't make one) and a skirt.

Pictures can be found here, and drafting instructions for all styles here.

As I grew, I found that some styles already in my wardrobe leant themselves more readily to bump friendly styles. I'm happy to work with this in the hope that they will still be wearable post baby. 

I drafted this dress / shirt style based on a loose fitting yoked shirt I already had. Photos here, drafting here and construction here.

The simple top worked well with the waterfall cardigans, and I picked up some long necklaces to really pull things together, and again to create slimming lines.

I made a particularly nice version with Alabama Chanin inspired reverse applique. I was beyond the illusions of slimming lines by this photo!
 A step by step of the technique can be found here.

I also altered a pair of jeans, which was absolutely worth doing! OH MY GOSHNESS - THE COMFORTABLE! I don't have a tutorial for this, I didn't take enough photos as I hurriedly made it. 

This top. which I made ages ago, works out to be a very maternity friendly style. If I were making it for this purpose in mind I would probably make it a smidge longer, but otherwise, it was fine just as it was.
This is part of a 3 part series, 1st here, 2nd here and 3rd here.

I also made a cowl neckline version of the t-shirt, tutorial pending.

These styles, in addition to my existing wardrobe (loose tops in particular) formed my entire maternity wardrobe. I did make some items more than once for variety. I purchased new underwear (essential) and one very warm waterfall cardigan for an evening out, but otherwise didn't need to buy anything maternity specific.

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