Drafting / Alterations for Stretch Patterns

Hi there! This is the contents page for the stretch patterns I've made. There's a few, since I've been focusing on stretch for a while.

Most of my drafting for stretch is based on a simple tee shirt pattern which could be obtained either by using a commercial pattern which you know fits well, or by copying a t-shirt.

Copying a T-Shirt
Copying a T-Shirt Part 1 - How to copy an existing shirt.
Copying a T-Shirt Part 2 - Tweaking the fit. It looks so much better!
If that seems a bit daunting, you can try Copying Clothing by Taking it Apart.

Darted Tank Top - A more flattering tank style, particularly for a fuller bust. This pattern forms the foundation for a lot of other stuff too. It is an adaptation from the t-shirt pattern.
Drafting the Tank Top
T-Shirt Variation

This is a 3 part series for making this design from a basic t-shirt pattern (you don't even need to make a new pattern piece).
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This is my version of the Drapey Top from the Great British Sewing Bee, click here for a diagram and explanation of how the drafting works.

Basic Skirt - I never did finish this skirt band tutorial! Useful for turning stretch shirt patterns into dress patterns.
Basic Skirt Part 1

Tank Dress - This is the foundation for most of my stretch dress patterns. It is built with the darted tank top and the basic skirt. You could do it with just the Tank Top.
Drafting the Tank Dress

T-Shirt Dress - This is the tank dress with the t-shirt sleeves back on! Simple but effective.
Making the T-Shirt Dress
Fitting a Sleeve - Taking a looser sleeve in
Green T-Shirt Dress Photos - has the narrower sleeve.

Creating a Simple Cowl. This is done with a darted tank top as a base.
The Cowl Photos
Drafting a Simple Cowl Neckline
Constructing the Simple Cowl Neckline

Other Cowls
These are for attached cowls rather than integrated pieces.
Check out the banded cowl style, or the wider funnel cowl.

Long Sleeves - If you have a stretch short sleeve, and want to make it a long sleeve. Note that it's important that the short sleeve does fit and has a flat rather than curved bottom edge.
Drafting the Long Sleeve

I also have a tutorial for creating a cuff.

Asymmetrical Cowl Dress. This is made from the Simple Cowl Tee, and basic skirt.
Asymmetrical Cowl Dress Photos
Asymmetrical Cowl Dress Drafting pt 1  - Aka simple cowl dress.
Asymmetrcial Cowl Dress Drafting pt 2 - Adding the side gather and asymmetrical neckline.
Asymmetrical Cowl Dress Construction

The Cerise Snake Dress
Drafting the Cerise Snake

A Simple Maxi Dress - Could be made from the tank dress or just a tank top / tee.
Maxi Dress Drafting and Construction

The Wokingham Dress
Drafting the Wokingham Dress

Stripes and Gathers Dress - I know, I need more / better photos.
Drafting the Stripes and Gathers Dress.

'Purple Mushroom Dress' drafting instructions can be found here.

And instructions for drafting this squared necked dress with shoulder princess seam dress are here.

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