Saturday, 30 July 2016

My Half Size Mannequin

I'm quite excited to show you my new toy!

This is a half size mannequin. I remember when I was little, perhaps 7 or 8, seeing a half sized (or half scale) mannequin in a fabric store and thinking it was pretty nifty. It's funny how these odd little memories stick. :) 

Recently I have been wanting one even more - so that I could experiment with drafting and play with styles that don't suit my figure. Particularly as it makes such experimentation more cost effective.

So when I saw one on The Great British Sewing Bee, I finally cracked. Why should the sewing bee contestants get to play with a cool little mannequin and not me? I talked to Jon about it, and he totally enabled my decision (because he has golf clubs in the garage which he has never used for as long as I've known him, so he's obviously going to be with me on this). I realise this looks like the adult version of seeing another kid with an ice cream and then crying because I don't have an ice cream too, but whatever people. This thing is an investment.

According to the manufacturers, she is half scale to a UK standard size 10. Although her waist and hips are about 5mm larger than the measurements state, so clearly she has been eating a little too much ice cream too.

I had a go at making the standard blocks up. 

Snug fit!

Previously, I made some half size skirts as models for explaining drafting techniques. These aren't quite the right size, but I tried them on anyway. Check it - 

So although right now my play time is dependent on when the little one naps, there's a lot of fun to be had here!

Update: I omitted this information before. The mannequin is from


  1. Way cool, is it a bunka half scale? I saw those last year and thought cool.

    1. Not Bunka, but the same idea. This one is made in the UK. I found two half scale mannequins in the UK and this was the more affordable. Super pleased with it. :)

  2. Cool. I doubt there are any made in oz!