Saturday, 16 July 2016

Make This Look #6 - Claudie Pierlot Robyne Dress

This Make This Look is a bit different, as I've sourced the pattern from a book, rather than a printed pattern.

I haven't yet made anything from this book, and therefore can't comment on the patterns (not that they would fit me straight out of the packet) but I quite like it - a simplified drafting book where you mix and match and modify pre-drafted parts. Quite good explanations too. Generally I find project based books a bit limiting - you might end up with a whole book of patterns where there might only be two you want to make, but because of the open ended nature of the projects in this book there are a lot more options. I also think it would be a good launchpad for taking the designs further after making a couple.

Claudie Pierlot Robyne dress from
Fabric from
Tanya Wheldon's book is available at or

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