Saturday, 18 June 2016

I See Your Adult Colouring, and I Raise You One Freehand Embroidery...

Adult colouring is a current trend. I don't really understand this trend. I want a little more of a challenge. But then it occurred to me that I could 'level up' to something a bit more fiddly, and embroider the colouring pictures instead.

This design is from the colouring book 'Creative Coloring Inspirations' by Valentina Harper.
You can download it as a sample page here.

Essentially, to make this design I printed out the design.

Today is going to be awesome : Creative Coloring Inspirations Printable colouring page

I then used a fine muslin and traced it directly on to the cloth. Really, I should have used a disappearing fabric pen, but I was being spontaneous and didn't have one. So I used a regular graphite pencil.

Because the design is quite detailed, I left some of the intricate parts out, just capturing the main shapes. But I then referred back to the picture to try and mimic the texture of the original design.

I used 3 strands of embroidery floss for most of the work, from a multipack of embroidery thread purchased from a supermarket. It took me several evenings in front of the telly.
The outlines are mostly chain stitch. 

I've also used button hole stitch, herringbone (I think it's called that, my embroidery vocabulary is not as solid as my dressmaking vocabulary) backstitch, satin stitch and some French knots.

It was good fun. Just as meditative as regular colouring I imagine. I have framed this one, but now I can't look at a colouring book without imagining the designs on a garment. I wish there were more hours in a day!


  1. wow, this is a great idea, it is beautiful! I just love the colours and the variety of stitches. I did embroider when I was much younger, nothing as fancy though. I'll put it on my list of crafts I want to get back into.

  2. That's fun! And portable. Hmmmm ....

  3. Another alternative on the off chance that you have a printer is to go on the web and scan for colouring pages.

    1. I see what you did there. ;) Yes, I have a printer. This is a sample page from the book available online.

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