Monday, 27 June 2016

4 Piece Maternity Wardrobe

My maternity wardrobe needed to be quick to make, comfortable and easy to care for.
I created one basic pattern from which I was able to make 4 - 5 different pieces.

The basic dress was a complete garment on its own, but also formed the foundation for a t-shirt, a tank dress (would also work for a tank top), and an over the bump skirt.

So this is the basic dress - worn here in March when the bump was just becoming more difficult to fit, and paired with the waterfall cardigan.

 Ohh so discreet at this point. Not that I thought so at the time!

I also made a bright version of this dress which paired with a black bolero was my 'concerts and evenings out' outfit.

This is the tank dress, taken in June when the bump is almost bigger than me. It is exactly the same foundation pattern, but with a lower neckline and the arm cut to form a strap.
We took these photos on a fairly sunny day, and I've had to play with filters a bit because my distinctive hair colour comes paired with a skin tone that's almost pale enough to glow in the dark, and the glare off my arms and legs was quite extreeme!

Black is not my best colour, but this was handy. I made two tank dresses, one in black and one in a mustard colour, and mostly wore them underneath shirts so they acted like a skirt, but without any kind of fastening around my middle. Much more comfortable option!

The basic t-shirt.. Which is just a dress, cut short. I used shorter sleeves too for warmer weather. Worn here over the tank dress from the photo above.
There was a kick here.

 And the basic skirt.

Which sits right up high, over the bump. Don't mind the hair, it was a bit windy! 

So from the one master pattern, I was able to make a whole bunch of simple, comfy stuff to wear. And of course the tops and dresses can be made with different neckline options /  sleeves etc, one of which I will show you in a later post (I've got the photo ready to go and all!)

In the meantime, the next post will be looking at how I created this master pattern from a non-maternity knit block.

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