Monday, 30 May 2016

Bump Friendly Shirt and Dress Photos

These three garments are all from the same self drafted pattern.

I have made a butterfly print dress (which I love!)  a grey top (which is just a short version of the dress), and a green top with Alabama Chanin inspired reverse applique on the yoke. I am pretty pleased with all three.

I've made them based on an existing non-maternity top which I have in my wardrobe, and while I've made them slightly more accommodating - in the sense that I've a bit more volume in the front that the original top, I expect that when I return to a closer to regular version of my shape, I can straighten the hems out and continue to wear them. To illustrate, here is the butterfly dress earlier in the piece where the bump was more of a gentle suggestion:

I've also kept a length of fabric to make a matching belt for it, should it need it.
This is considerably different to this week's shape. I can't look at these photos without humming 'I'm a little teapot'. But don't look at the teapot. Look at the reverse applique!
Up close:

Awesome yeah? 


  1. Nice work. Love those non sweat shop labels where did y get them from?

    1. I had them made. I also have some that say 'Zoe is Awesome'. :)