Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September Challenge - The Reveal!

Here is my project, inspired by Mexican Embroidery.

I was quite pleased with this. I created a pinterest board for reference, and then designed the bag and the embroidery myself, mostly by borrowing motifs from other designs.

To be entirely honest, I'm not sure how Mexican inspired it really looks, although it is certainly very much a folk art effect. I may have held back a little too much! I have always enjoyed the constructive aspects of sewing more than the decorative, and I wanted to get the whole thing done in the time I had.

But even saying that, I surprised myself with this one. I was surprised at how quickly and easily I managed to get the embroidery completed (Only 2 days...). My hand stitching is better than I realised. And I've started another little embroidery piece as well. 

Most of the work is stem stitch or satin stitch. The fabric is leftover muslin, and I am still looking for a strap I like!

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