Tuesday, 30 June 2015

2015 Design Inspiration Challenge - May

Hi all!

Ok, so you may notice that I haven't yet published my June reveal. Short version is, life got in the way and the only stitches which have been happening in my world this month have been of the medical variety. Jon has been in hospital and then recovery for some weeks in June, and as much as I wanted to create my own fabric, priorities happened. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas, I may yet revisit this topic a little later down the track.

On the other (brighter) side, he is feeling much better, and I am moving on to May without hesitation.
This months challenge is to use a fabric that you haven't used before!

Fabric type can make a massive difference to a project, and its worth exploring new types. You can create your own swatchbook by taking notes about your different fabric types and keeping them in a folder - and I recommend you do. It helps to familiarise yourself with different fabric properties. Check out different needles for different fabrics as well, and spend a little time researching techniques for using different fabric. A quick check can help you find all sorts of information that will help - no pins for leather, fine needles for silk, cut through the backing fabric on faux-fur. 

That's it! Have a go and share your findings and experience.