Thursday, 28 May 2015

May Challenge - The Reveal!

May was an ambitious challenge.

In the interests of keeping things manageable, I made 3 simple items.

Each of these is self drafted, and of course I can wear either shirt with the basic skirt.

I would have much preferred a deep purple skirt, but budget and timeframe dictated I used what was already in my stash. I expect I will get a lot of use out of this skirt, even if I don't love it in it's own right. I much prefer making fun tops and dresses to functional basic pieces. 

This is the simple cowl top I've made before. (Drafting instructions here)

This is a simple t-shirt, with a high neckline. I drafted and compared the t-shirt shirts from  “Patternmaking for Underwear Design”, by Kristina Shin, PhD and "Metric Pattern Cutting for Womenswear", by Dr Winifred Aldrich to my own t-shirt block, which I had copied off an existing t-shirt (instructions for how to do that here)

I was surprised how different the patterns produced were. I probably shouldn't have been! This shirt is a combination of all three patterns. The shoulder line is slightly improved from my copied t-shirt. Whether that improvement was worth the 3 weeks I spent pondering it, I can't really say.

This skirt is drafted exactly according to the Winifred Aldrich book as well. Not bad, but I'm not mad about the positions of the front darts. They're tricky to see in the photos. I've come to the conclusion that because my hips are proportionally broad in comparison with my shoulders (or my shoulders are proportionally narrow, whatever), the darts need to be closer to the centre front to look balanced.

I am still looking for some alternative colours, and my fourth piece for the set would have been a cardigan, something along the lines of McCalls 6844. I did start one in a color approximately the same as the top circle in the plan below, but it didn't turn out as well as I wanted, and is currently in the naughty corner. I may pull it out again at a later point. When I find a fabric in an aubergine colour which would be suitable for a skirt, I'll probably make that again too (with the darts shifted).

I have discovered a need for some more of the simple, practical and block coloured items in my wardrobe, but I don't like making them! And I really don't love black - so I can see a need to do some focused shopping for skirt and trouser fabric. 

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  1. I really like the look of the high neck tee and it's a great colour pallet.
    Different block instructions can give some quite different results. I usually stick with Winifred Aldrich as this is what I was taught from but I also have Helen Joseph Armstrong which some rate more than Winnie.