Sunday, 31 May 2015

2015 Design / Inspiration Challenge - June

The Challenge for June is to design your own fabric. There are lots of different ways to go about this, and for the purposes of this challenge, they are all equally valid! You might investigate digital fabric printing, like Spoonflower / Woven monkey, or try printing by hand – silk screening / printing etc. Heck, try potato prints. You don't have to make this too big, but its not a limited challenge either!

The purpose of the challenge is to design the fabric, submissions can be concepts and sketches or a finished piece of fabric.

I've been considering a few ways I might go about this.
I haven't done much designing of fabric before. I have armed myself with this book.

'Printing By Hand' by Lena Corwin.

For a home- production option. She covered quite a few different printing methods, including stamping (linocutting if you want to make your own stamps) silkscreening and stenciling.

I have a silkscreen kit which I received for Christmas, and have yet to make use of. I remember doing silkscreening in Primary School. We cut out a paper design, and then placed the screen on top of the cut out. Fab!

Stenciling is also a bit under-rated. If you haven't heard of Natalie Chanin yet, you might want to visit her website. Her company makes the most amazing garments using a combination of humble stenciling, applique and embroidery. Both rustic and exquisite at the same time, she has published several books on the method (all of which I own) and has stencils which can be downloaded from the website. You may not have considered jersey a suitable fabric for a wedding gown until you see this stuff.

 Of course, if you'd prefer a more modern and high-tech approach, check out companies like Spoonflower. (US based)

Or Woven Monkey (UK based) 
Both of which are companies which will take your digital designs and print them on to fabric for you. Sweet. 

If that sounds intimidating, know that Burda Style is running a course on how to do it. 

Edit: OHHH a due date! I forgot. How does Sunday the 28th of June sound?


  1. A couple of years back I used to spend ages looking at the Spoonflower website, I even ordered the quality swatches of fabrics. It's something I'd like to do but I'm not sure if I have the artistic flare!.
    Kate who writes the blog Fabrickated does some great printing and painting, it's quite inspiring!

  2. now it is easy to make a print on your own fabric with custom fabric printing method. I really appreciate woven monkey.