Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April Challenge - The Reveal

The internet is a wild and untamed place. Sometimes it leads you places you didn't expect to find yourself.

In my case, it's frequently ends with me watching puppies sneeze on youtube, and then questioning whether I'm wasting my life. But this month, my internet friends took me to visit Skirt Fixation

Firstly, can I say I <3 a good fabric swap, and this gets even better. April made her upcycled skirt from a skirt sent to her at random.
Hats off to her, because she didn't even get fussy about what she started with, she just rolled with whatever came her way! Extreme upcycling?

Check it out, in full detail here. Really, check it out because it is easily as compelling as adorable youtube puppies, but instead of feeling like you're wasting your life, you'll be all inspired to make ugly things look good again.

Jennifer found this beautiful bright curtain panel at the local thrift store and made a shirt out of it. She used an online tutorial and make her first shirt ever! Whoot!

Jennifer says it "Turned out pretty good, but the 'rough draft' fits better lol..still learning!"

One of the loveliest things about recycling clothing is that it gives us permission to jump in and try something different, in a way that brand new fabric kind of doesn't. Where the new stuff says "Are you sure you know what you're doing?", reclaimed textiles seem to say "GO on! Give it a go!" 

I got into it and completed *two* projects this time.

A little bit of 'I like this owl but don't fancy the lumpy shape it gives me' tweaking.

And some more involved remodeling of a dress which included some hideous embroidery.

I mean seriously, what were they thinking?

Stars, birds flowers and hot pink skulls removed, I reworked it into a much more wearable skirt.

I love a good upcycle!

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  1. Like your tweaking with the tee.
    I have a small pile of clothes that need upcycling after going through the children's wardrobes - jeans into shorts - sundresses into skirts - nothing worthy of a blog post but gives the items another year of life in our house.