Thursday, 30 April 2015

2015 Design / Inspiration Challenge - May

Hello hello!

May's challenge is to create 3 - 4 mix and match pieces that work together. 

In the sewing-blogging world, May is pretty much short for 'Me Made May'. For anyone who isn't up to speed with it, Me Made May is a challenge initiated by Zoe Edwards of 'So Zo, What do you know?' to wear more of your own hand made stuff for a month. 

It seems a reasonable extension of that idea to look at how we plan projects, and aim to create a set of 3-4 mix and match pieces to link stuff up.

That may sound ambitious, but this includes things you have already made. So if you have something which you like, but don't wear because you haven't got anything to wear with it, this is the month to create something that will link up your creations. Perhaps you have a shirt you love that doesn't go with any existing skirts. Or maybe you need a bolero to wear your summer dresses in transeasonal weather?

For those who are patchwork/quilting orientated, look at creating items which go together in a space - so 3 cushions that co-ordinate, or a table runner and placemats. Or perhaps a bag and co-ordinated accessories?

Either way, the goal is to have 3 - 4 handmade items that work together, either all at once or mix and match.

That's it!

These styles from Simplicity 1467
Due Date: May 27th.


  1. Ive got something that I have been working on for the Central Ohio Walk for the cure! DO I have to be wearing it all? I have something my Malamute wears and something on my arms and legs.. I'll just have to add a third item :)

    1. Ilonka, as long as it's 3-4 items you have made, it counts.