Thursday, 26 March 2015

March Challenge - The Reveal!

It's time for the March reveal! 

Mushrooms may not seem to have much bearing on sewing, but since the March challenge was to make something inspired by an unrelated object, they are completely suitable in context. Based on the colour and the shape of the mushrooms above, (and others on my pinterest board here,) I created a dress with a tucked skirt, in a lovely flowing wool jersey. I wanted to emulate the gills on the underside of the mushroom in the skirt.
It was also inspired by another object - although this was related. I wanted something I could wear with this amazing and unusually coloured scarf Jon gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.
I didn't quite get finished, and the hem is only basted into place, but I'm rather pleased with the result.

In terms of meaningful interpretation though, Jennifer's comments around her idea seem much more thoughtful than mine. Here is her comment in full.

'I found this month to be extra challenging...I have difficulty translating inspiration. When I see something I like I say 'ohh I can make that', but the concept was already born and I copy. I don't seem to have the ability to see things as something it isn't. I liked all the examples and then caught my self thinking..'a lamp shade dress, hmm I can do that', but that again is just a copy. Anyway, while surfing Pinterest late one night with burning eyes I saw a dress that looked like something else. I did not make it, but did complete my first garment sketch. It is a simple halter dress. The tribute or support ribbons (pic 1) have played a huge roll in my life the last 8 months and when I saw this halter dress to me it looked like the ribbon. So in memory of my dad and support for the cure of the rare disease that took him this is my support ribbon halter dress (pic 2)' 

Which just goes to show, that just because something is inspired by something else, doesn't mean it needs to be crazy or unwearable. It can just be meaningful.

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  1. great inspiration for the ribbon halter dress!
    love the skirt on your dress. The fabric is a beautiful colour.