Thursday, 26 February 2015

February Challenge - The Reveal!

Oh my goodness, how quickly did February rush past?

This challenge was indeed a challenge, and most of us got a concept in hand but didn't get to complete a garment. This is totally ok! The goal is to think about our sewing, to push our limits and consider our work in a different way. Perhaps find some new resources, and start some conversations!

Ivory is taking on drafting her own pattern. Its a shirt multiple layers. She plans to make the back angled area sheer, the angled bottom a sheerish blue-gold fabric and  the square triangle front thing is white satin covered with sheer white sparkly fabric. It creates a dramatic asymmetrical line. 

Daria looked at some very classic shapes, and investigated pencil skirts, as she doesn't wear them. She also created a sheath dress sketch, and sourced patterns to create the shape she wanted to achieve. It goes to show that something doesn't need to be complicated to be different!

Helen from Cut it Out Stitch It Up experimented with mixing up a shift dress. She drew inspiration from this lovely dress from Behind the Hedgerow, but drafted the pattern herself. Again the simplicity of this style is in keeping with Helen's usual makes, but slightly different. 
I checked out the inspiration page, and those pockets are a super cute detail! 

Jennifer took a few different approaches to this challenge, and created a garment for a non human shape.
Awww! 'Abby' is clearly a master of the sultry 'model' pout.

There is no denying that this is certainly a most unusual shape! As most prolific participant in the February Challenge, Jennifer also made some triangular quilt pieces,

 And mixed it up with a curved pillow! The pillow is Jennifer's first 'all curves' project.

And me? I also struggled to complete the project this month. And by struggled, I kind of mean failed. February got stupid busy. But I did play with skirt shapes, to break out of my usual just past the knee straight or a-line rut.

And I did some investigating of other skirts, and I came out with this.
It is a panel for a gored skirt. But more on that later...

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