Saturday, 28 February 2015

2015 Design / Inspiration Challenge - March

Ok sewing peeps - March is upon us.

The topic for March is to create something inspired by an unrelated object. It does not have to be completely made! Concept ideas and sketches are fine. A project a month is fairly ambitious. Again, it can be  a project you've made in the past. 

The original idea for this came from teacup corsets. I came across this site some years ago, and thought they were one of the coolest, sewing geekiest things ever. And I wanted to make some too.

Check out this blog for another example: 

I loved the idea that design could spill from one thing to another and capture the essence of something in both forms.

Last month, (quite unrelated to this challenge) Carolyn from Handmade by Carolyn made something unexpected inspired by this frog.
Original frog photo from

Go and check out her blog if you haven't already. Her stuff is amazing!

And for a related, tongue in cheek giggle  - go here, for some celebrities dressed as lampshades.

For me, I frequently purchase an accessory with an idea that I could make a whole outfit to go with it (am I the only one guilty of this?) and while it's not *strictly* unrelated, I am thinking of pulling out an unmatched accessory to use as inspiration for a garment. Mostly because I'd like to be able to wear it out and about! But I certainly expect that there is scope to take this idea somewhere completely crazy, and I'm looking forward to seeing what ideas people come up with this month. 

Due Wednesday 25th of March. I will publish on Thursday 26th of March.

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