Monday, 26 January 2015

January Challenge - The Reveal!

Ohh exciting times! It has been lovely to have so many people interested in the challenge. So without further ado...

Here are the January Challenge boards and makings! (Click on the pictures for a closer view. )

April created a pinterest board, focused on gold and silver, and lovely lace and rose details. This is just a snapshot of her pinterest board. See more of it here.

More images of her final garment are also on the board - this pretty upcycled gown in a gold colour.
 Check out these details!

Time was tight, as we all know. Ivory didn't complete her garment, but has captured a dramatic and fiercely shapely design concept on her pinterest board here. (Again, this image is just a snapshot)

This board from Daria at MotherTeacherScatterbrain.
Reflecting retro silhouettes with lovely swirly full skirts, and an autumn colour scheme. 

And this from Estella, who is collecting costume research for a play. This is a representation of styles from the 1860's. These things have serious engineering. So very much a technical board. Full collection here.

Jennifer knew exactly what she was trying to achieve. She produced a cohesive collection of images featuring sunflowers and citrus colours for her kitchen decor. Check it out in it's entirety on her pinterest board.

With such a clear concept in mind, its not surprising that each of the things she made would look right at home in that collection. See, Jennifer did not stop with just one...
Mixer cover.

Her brother is teaching her how to crochet!

Franziska from Adventures of my Sewing Needle explored log cabin quilt blocks. Her mood board took on a different shape to most.
 Her final design reflecting that exploration:

These traditional colours have a really cozy, reassuring feeling. It's an ambitious project for a one month period, so not surprising its a work in progress. Keep up with Franziska's log cabin quilt here

Helen from Cut It Out, Stitch It Up wanted to create something which captured the style of Mrs Brown from the Paddington movie.

In keeping with her usual refined and precise style, she made this pussy-bow blouse. Classy!
Helen's stuff is always as pretty on the inside as the outside too.

And me. You've seen my board already...
So I created a long cardigan, and a shoulder princess line dress. I planned another 5-6 projects, but still only 24 hours in a day. Bummer that.

I'm really impressed by the huge variety of styles and ideas people came up with. For my part (confession time) I have to admit that prior do doing this, I'd often considered the mood board a bit of a 'flighty' and procrastinatory design tool. BUT when I did this challenge, I found it really made my focus clear, and allowed me to build a complete idea of what I was aiming for. Looking at these boards, they all show a concept which would be difficult to communicate without imagery, but I expect others could pick up a board and create something from it, reflecting the ideas of the original designer.

That was fun!

Hope you're ready for February.... Which is all about SHAPE.

PS. Please do take a moment to visit people's blogs and say Hi. Bloggers are generally social media tarts, and we love when people pay attention to us. So be sure to follow the links, introduce yourself and tell them how cool their creations are!

PPS. If I missed your pictures, or spelled your name incorrectly or anything like that, please let me know and I will update this post!

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