Saturday, 3 January 2015

Decisions Decisions...

For anyone doing the 2015 Sewing Design/Inspiration Challenge, the January Challenge is to make a mood board, and then something from it. This is my board:

So I have been gathering bits to go with this scheme. Honestly, I have been collecting this colour scheme for a little while. And Christmas was good to me. So there's more here than I could possibly use. I've put links here if you are shopping in the UK and want to go find them. (Not sponsored).

1. Loose knit fabric, (If you click on this, brace yourself)
2. Wool Jersey,
3. Terracotta Broderie Anglaise,
4. Black Bronze Patterned Double Jersey,
5. Quilting fabric, from my local fabric store,
6. 'Spiral out of Control' warm jersey, which is pretty much what your eyes will do if you go to
7. Stretch cotton, from stash.
8. As for #1.

I also gathered up some beads.
1(&4). From a $2.00 shop in Australia.
2. Salvaged from a charity store necklace.
3. From Dunelm.

The mood board experience has really helped me focus, and re-think things I already have. I would also suggest it is important to think about search terms. So although I was thinking 'terracotta', I also searched for 'bronze', 'rust', 'orange', and 'burnt orange' in order to find resources around my colour scheme. Similarly, I searched for 'blue', 'indigo', 'navy' to find things in the blue spectrum.

I am anticipating making things from this colour scheme long after January, but for now, I need to make a decision about where to start!

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