Tuesday, 27 January 2015

2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge - February

If you have looked at the 2015 Sewing Design / Inspiration Challenge page, you will have seen that February's challenge is about shape.

The Brief:
Play with Shapes – explore silhouette and make a garment with a different shape to your usual choices. OR for quilters, try working with a different shaped block as a basic shape.

Due Date:
In the interests of allowing as much time as possible, the due date is Wednesday 25th February. I will post Thursday morning (my time). You do not need to complete an entire project to submit it - photos of any sketches, research, comments are all fine. The idea is to inspire you to think differently about your projects. 

What is silhouette? 
In fashion terms, a silhouette is an over-all shape of a garment. There are loose shapes and fitted shapes, skirts of all kinds of lengths and shapes, dramatic collars and sleeves. Trousers with skinny legs or wide legs - these are all examples of differing silhouettes.

Here we have a range of different shaped dresses. This is an A line, and reminiscent of 60's style. 

 With its full skirt and defined waist, this is more of a 50's shape.
 This is a costume from the early 1900's. The waistline is higher and the lines are soft.

 This is a bit more of a modern 'fit and flair' style.

Silhouettes change dramatically with fashion, and there is such a thing as a 'fashionable body shape' at any given point. Frequently with no reference to actual body shapes! If you are thinking of submitting sketches for this project, you might consider studying a particular style or time in history. Pointy bullet bras are the tip of the iceberg (hehe, sorry). Throughout history, women's undergarments mess with silhouette like nobody's business! 

If you want a practical rather than research project, examine styles taking note of the overall shapes of garments. Try making something that takes you just a bit outside your comfort zone. Maybe a bit more drape than usual, or a dramatic hemline...

Non-Garment Sewsters.

If you are more of a patchworker, look at the shapes which make up your projects. Frequently quilts are made with square or rectangular blocks. But this is not the only way! Investigate another basic shape - look at assembling quilts with strips or hexagons, or spirals. Find examples of others who have taken a different approach and share your findings.

PS. Bonus puzzle. Each of the above technical illustrations is from Simplicity's website. Can you find them? 

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  1. Hi Zoe. Such a pretty dress! Thank you SO MUCH for your comment and your tips on knits. I'm just going back to the blog so please forgive my horrible delay (normally I'm not this tardy). I appreciate it and thank you for following the blog. I enjoy your posts -you are always so helpful. Was hoping to finish it out today, but got snowed in (I'm in between places & my machine isn't with me at the moment-it's not far) :-). Thanks again.