Saturday, 20 December 2014

December - Alice in Wonderland Dress

This Christmas, we were invited to an Alice in Wonderland themed dinner. 

So I made a blue dress.

With an enormous bow on the bottom.
And got a bit silly.

The bow is completely integrated into the skirt.

I did a bit of research and explored some drafting diagrams to find out how to go about this. Truth be told I have been obsessing over bottom bows for quite some time, and trying to figure out how to do it without it being out of place. Uh, hello fancy dress!

This is from pinterest and leads either to a dead end, or a blocked site.  But the idea is there in the diagram, and that's enough for me.

I cracked out the brown paper and did a little origami.

Eventually creating a shape I was happy with. The skirt is all built into the central panel of the dress. The dress is the same pattern as the bacon dress, (with a scooped neckline) and I pulled the sleeve out of another dress pattern and then spread and puffed the pattern to make it fuller.

Here's a few snaps from making the bow:

 Neat huh?

I'll try and get a few sketches up to explain it in more detail in a following post.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Zoe I have done a digital pattern draft on a very similar skirt pattern (image on my Pintrest page) as they say great minds..... I love your dress, was it for a party? Also still working on those posters to send you haven't had time to sort thru them, getting new floor in classroom. Have a great Chrissy. Xxxx from us all over here

  2. Yep just saw the party bit at the top.... It's been a long few weeks.

    1. Don't worry! It's like that sometimes. I went looking for the skirt pattern you were talking about but there is a lot of (good) stuff on your boards - which board is on?