Sunday, 21 December 2014

2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge - January

I'm rather excited to be hosting the 2015 Sewing Design / Inspiration Challenge.
It is a series of challenges to apply to your sewing to push yourself to try something new. You're all invited, so check it out if you haven't already.

January's Design Topic is to - 
Create a mood board to refine a look, concept or colour scheme you would like to use in your work. Make something from the mood board. This could even be assembling an outfit from things you already have (hopefully something you made) or creating a patchwork project which suits a particular decorating scheme.

So to get you started, I thought I'd show you my mood board.

A mood board, (aka concept board or inspiration board) is a collection of pictures or objects that work together to define a style or concept. They're used a lot in fashion, design, decorating etc. You can include anything you like in it, as long as it is meaningful to you. Some people include quotes or words, you might include pictures which capture an essence of an idea (so for example a building which has graphic lines).

It can take whatever form you like too. Pinterest boards are fine - and that's where my collection started. But I also had a look around for fabric samples and things which added a tactile element. You can use magazine clippings, photos, cards, whatever catches your eye.

My mood board focuses on colour, because I have a habit of always heading towards the same colour. I have created this 'terracotta and indigo' concept to push myself to work outside my usual, comfortable parameters (by which I mean green). Previously I've created boards that featured a particular design element I wanted to explore (like hoods). Mine are fairly literal, - I have seen others who take a more poetic approach, like 'A walk on the beach' or themed boards like 'the city' with graphic lines and steely colours.

Now that I have my board, I need to get cracking on making something from it. :) Note that the thing you make doesn't have to be on the board. It just needs to look like it would fit in with the pictures you have.

DUE DATE: Please submit your photos (+ links) of your mood board and inspired object/outfit via the contact form (lefthand column of the blog), or facebook group by the 26th of January 2015. You are more than welcome to add photos earlier than that as well. If you find useful links or resources, share those too - you can pop them in the comments section under this post.


  1. I'll give it a go and sign up in the new year - I think the next week is going to be largely computer free with all the festivities etc.
    I'm already having thoughts about a mood board - something I've never done before.

    Happy Christmas!

    1. Would love to have you join! I'm a bit surprised at how much I've gotten out of the mood board myself. It creates a kind of focus...

      Hope you're having a great break!

  2. Here is mine - My project is the gold and silver upcycled dress and headband in the first few pictures! Hope you like it ♥