Friday, 24 October 2014

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So I've been a bad blogger. I haven't had time to write in ages. Would you like to see my excuses list? This time it's fun. I've been back in Australia, for my sister's wedding. I got to catch up with my BFF and meet her new baby boy (OMG cuddles!), and Jon and I went to Port Arthur and drove along the Great Ocean Road, which was just awesome. So I don't feel entirely bad that I haven't done a lot of sewing recently - apart from a quick maternity / post maternity skirt conversion for aforementioned (and much missed) BFF. You didn't think I could stay away from the machine completely, did you? 
Anyway, in my absence, I've been nominated for the blog hop. Big thanks to Helen from Cut It Out, Stitch It Up for the nomination. 
Why do I write?
Because it's fun! I started blogging when I was working in an office for a while, and needed to get my teacher fix somewhere. I'm back in school now, which unfortunately means less blogging time. But I found its a wonderful process, it keeps me focused, and guides me to be clear on what I'm doing and why. It also generates more ideas than I can possibly act on, and uses more creative skills than sewing alone. Mostly I just love sharing stuff with the world, and finding other sewing geeks to talk to.
What am I working on?
I've just finished a cheongsam dress, which I wore to my sister's wedding. True to form, I finished it the day we flew out, so my pieces need labelling and tidying up before I start the next thing.  I've got about 8 next things sitting there cut up or half made, and I haven't really decided what to start next. I'm jet lagged at the moment. Jon said to me this morning "Aww. You seem grumpy at the world. Is it because you're awake?". Probably not the best time to get out the scissors. 25 hours back to back flying will do that to you.
How does my blog differ from others in its genre?
I wanted to focus on knits / stretch fabric a bit because people seem to be scared of it. I don't really know why. My attitude is 'get out there and have a go' because that's how I've developed my skills. People are too worried it won't work the first time. It might not, but I figure it's still worth doing. I'm trying to demystify a lot of the drafting stuff and reveal the mechanics of clothing so people can find it accessible. 
How does my writing  process work?
I'm not sure! Sometimes I write after I make something, sometimes I write beforehand and use it as my planning. I'll often scribble down some notes when I have a free moment, or it'll just flow when I sit at the laptop. Sometimes I write it on paper, then ignore the paper and write it again at the laptop.
In terms of planning, I make plans,  write them down and then make new plans later. In the beginning I was worried I wouldn't know what to do next, but each project generates dozens more project ideas so that isn't a problem after all. My plans for a year at a glance overview which I rigidly follow have turned out to be completely at odds with my personality. And life too, because sometimes I need to make stuff for an upcoming occasion, or something cool arrives in my hands and must be made.
Who Do I Follow?
I am not so good at keeping up with reading peoples blogs as I would like to be! I always read Helen's, because I feel like we're at the same point in the blogging journey. So often, the links pile up in my email waiting for a spare moment to check them out. There are some great blogs out there, so it balances out the isolating IRL experience of people saying "You make your own clothes? But why would you do that?" 
I follow Jillian at the Refashionista. She has a far more adventurous approach than I have, and just makes sewing look fun. 
Mimi G has great style. Its a pretty popular blog! I so often look at her pictures and decide that my butt would also look awesome with gathering on it, and add that to the mental list of a trillion things I want to make.
The Perfect Nose has some amazing collections of out of copyright pictures and such. She's been a bit quiet lately. She lives in Melbourne (so jealous) and I've found a lot of other blogs through hers, including Jennys 'rennous-oh-glennus'. I love her blog cos she seems like such fun, and I want to go hang out with both of them.
I find a lot of great stuff through facebook, and the group Sewing Inspirations and Tutorials has lead me to a lot of good blogs and resources.
I am going to nominate Em, from Em Makes Patterns. Em's blog is pretty new, and I just found it last week. She also does drafting and her illustrations are awesome.
There are so many great blogs out there. But right now, the whole world is grumpy and unreasonable, so I need to go and have a nap so all the people can feel better and be nicer to hang out with. 

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  1. Thanks for joining in the 'Hop' and for the great links above which I'll check out. Sounds like you had a great trip.