Saturday, 23 August 2014

August - The 'Go Everywhere' Bag (Free Pattern!)

If you're thinking it's been a bit quiet here, that's because this month I set myself a bit of a mammoth project, and I've been quietly fussing around with it. I'm a big fan of free stuff on the internet (hey, aren't we all?) and wanted to add something to the collective body of free stuff of the world.

This bag is inspired by an inexpensive bag I bought a couple of years ago. It was a fun print which made me smile, and I took it everywhere. And then one day the the zipper broke. (Bummer.)

But when I was fixing it I realised the bag was made without any handbag specific notions, and would actually be really straightforward to make. (Yay!)

So taking a cue from there, I designed a bag based on that same zipper. And made it out of this rather cute Cath Kidston fabric I bought last year. And then, because I love you guys, I made a PDF pattern. Yup. Free Bag Pattern. For Free. Whoot!
Free Stuff. Awesome.
I made it by hand. The hard way because I don't have drafting software. :)

So here we have a zipper opening...
 Revealing two internal pockets.
You can put all your stuff in there!
Then I wrote the instructions out in full for the blog, and in a typical manner, found that the word count made its way in to the 1500's. That seems a bit crazy big, so I'm trying something new and I've made a separate document for the instructions as well.

To get the pattern as a PDF, and the full instructions, you can download them directly from my google drive.

Be sure to print actual size. The markers in the corners are 1cm squares at the correct size.

If you can't access google drive, shoot me a line via the contact me widget on this blog. Just say ‘Hello – your blog is awesome. May I have the 'Go Everywhere' Bag Pattern please?’ or something like that, and I’ll send it to you as an attachment.

Couple of Questions and Stuff Like That

Q. Can you make me one?
A. No.

Q. Is it hard to make?
A. I'd call it an intermediate project.

Q. Can I share this pattern with others?
A. Yeah. Be cool though and tell them where you got it. I get a cheap thrill out of people visiting my page, so ask them to check it out. Better still, send me a photo of stuff you make or leave a comment. That'd pretty much make my day.

Q. Can I borrow your photos / instructions and repost on my blog? 
A. I spend heaps of time making this stuff, so I think if you stole them and pretended they were yours, that would make you a bit of a buttface. Ask me, I'll probably be thrilled. I'll probably link you back.

Q. Can I sell bags made off this pattern?
A. Why not? Knock yourself out.

Q. Your instructions are stupid.
A. Technically, that's not a question. If you have any problems with these instructions, let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it.

That's all for August! 


  1. Just want you to know, because hopefully I am not a buttface, that I have linked to these instructions in our monthly Quilt Guild newsletter. I hope you get tons of hits!

    1. Joan, you are definitely not a buttface. That makes you a star. :)
      (Thank you!)

  2. Could i make it without a zipper?

    1. Easily. Leave off the flaps and put a magnetic closure in the middle instead.