Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cutting Stripes for Chevrons

In response to a query on Facebook, here is a quick overview of how to cut chevrons.

Specifically, I'm looking at using a striped fabric to create a chevron down the front / back, as I did in this case.

I don't find chevrons all that difficult to match (although you do need to take time) because I apply this method. The pictures are a scale model.

Say this is the front bodice. Instead of cutting on the fold, I will be cutting two pieces. That means I have added a seam allowance down the centre front.

When I cut the fabric, I consider the placement of the stripes. Because I have a design here with a v neckline, I line the edge up with the stripes.

I draw in a few key lines right across the pattern piece. Obviously as this is a scale model it looks like a lot more drawing than I actually do. When I did my 'You Can't Win Them All' dress I only drew in the top black line. As long as there's enough to guide placement, it's all good.

I take the pattern piece off the fabric, and turn it over.
I trace the stripes onto the other side. Of course, if you use a tissue pattern, you probably won't need to do this as you can see through it.
 I can now cut each piece with the stripes lined up.
 And then I can pretty much expect to nail the stripes placement in the chevrons.
Easy eh? Go out and get yourself some stripey fabric.

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  1. I've just made a striped dress, I was going to chevron the centre front and back skirt then chickened out of it. I was worried that the seam may not hang straight. Anyway I just chevroned the side seams.
    But you are right, cutting stripes needs a little bit of thought before you dive right in.