Sunday, 20 July 2014

July - The 'You Can't Win Them All' Dress

Sometime last year I was working on a new jersey dress pattern.

I was going through something of a stripes obsession, and wanted to create something with a chevron effect. I had found this fabric and thought it would be cute.

My gosh, was I ever wrong!

At a functional distance, the colour drained out of it, and it looked like hospital scrubs.

It put lumps on my body that I don't even have...
I tried putting darts in the front hoping that would help.

It really didn't. I don't like that colour at all.

Bummed out by the overall effect, I went online for distraction. A long time friend of mine (Dave) was online and we caught up on Skype.

I showed him my disastrous garment  and moaned about how I didn't go to all this trouble to make new kinds of frumpy (or something along those lines) and he cheerfully replied 'Oh Well. You can't win them all!'.

I don't think he fully appreciated my efforts, or my angst.

I put the pattern away and sort of huffed about it. I've kept my eyes open for a decent striped fabric since then.

Well a few weeks ago, I found one. ON SALE no less. Which had not only my eye colour, but my hair colour worked into the pallet. I was so all over it.

I made my pattern up in the new fabric.

So it took a while. And I'll admit, the first version was atrocious. But on balance, at this point I think I can say - "I am so winning."


  1. narrow stripes from a distance can just blend into one colour.
    Love the second version, the fabric is quite unusual and the chevron effect is fab.

  2. Yep, didn't quite work the first time. I think I expected it would happen, but I wanted it to work so I ignored my gut...