Sunday, 29 June 2014

June - Hello Yellow!

My birthday is in June!

Does a birthday suit seem an appropriate topic?

Here's mine:

For my birthday, Jon got me a yellow telephone.

This image is from
but - we did actually see it in a high street shop. 
I'd been pining after a yellow telephone. I saw one once and wanted it immediately. Not just because they were cute and looked like sunshine, leading me to believe you would probably have happier conversations on it. I wanted a yellow telephone so that when it rings, I can answer it and say 'Yellow!' and it will be funny even if the person on the other end doesn't realise it. Now I can. Yay!

I've always had a soft spot for yellow. Recently(ish) Will and Kate went to Australia, and Kate wore this dress:

Word is, Will's told her she looked like a banana.

I can just imagine she'd reply something along the lines of 'Yeah, I know. But watch me make this banana dress sell out.'

She wore this one in the Solomon Islands, which I like a bit more.

I'm not saying I follow the royals. I'm just saying, look, they're getting this right. I put together a bit of a board about yellow dresses. And other yellow things.

So today I'm going to go a bit crazy and make a yellow dress.

In thinking about variations for this dress, I thought I'd take my basic dress pattern (as used for the Bacon dress) and mix it up just a little bit, to show how its super easy to make two variations of the one style.

The starting point is an armhole princess line dress with a straight skirt and a sweetheart neckline.

 But seriously, this silhouette is getting a bit old so let's try something new.

I'm going to make this skirt flare from the hip like so.
And I'm going to include a pocket.
Like that!

I spent an afternoon on drafting the new style, and a day putting it together out of a cheery yellow chrysanthemum print.
Yellow is a really intense colour, and I think you really have to commit to wearing it. But the green in the print breaks it up a little, and makes it work for my colouring.

So let's see...


My Australian 'Winter birthday' is now an English 'Summer birthday'.
But it's been raining this weekend. And last weekend too. And it rained on my birthday. So it feels much the same. Jon points out that at least the place is not a desert. I don't mind. I'm bringing the sunshine with me.

Details on the drafting skirt and pocket to follow soon! 


  1. Great looking dress! Love the print. I wouldn't call myself a royal watcher either but not soon after they were married they went to Canada and she wore a beautiful yellow Jenny Packham dress. I did have plans to make something like this for myself but never got around to it.
    Hope the link works.

    If not, google Kate Middleton Jenny packham yellow dress canada or some variation of that!
    Also today I'm wearing a bright yellow and white stripy top and my colleague who sits next to me is also wearing a bright yellow top. Colour of the moment!