Saturday, 22 March 2014

March - Wedding March

This month, I got to make something I have wanted to make for a long time.

And this is why I haven’t had time to blog recently. We turned this all around in 4 weeks. Which is mental.

The dress is silk dupion in ivory, with a gold embroidery, a colour I’m grateful for since white makes me look a bit anaemic. This brought a bit of warmth in

After some thought, the style I settled on is a full length princess line, with a sweetheart neckline and a mermaid skirt. I recently read that mermaid skirts are good for taller women. (Haha). When I spoke to mum about it she sent me some pictures along with the instruction 'If you're going to do a mermaid skirt make the line break at different heights...' which was a good idea. I kept the front a long line to visually add length.

I guess it goes to show it's shape (not size) that matters most. Looking at the top pictures I think its clear why a) I tend to look at plus size shapes for style ideas, as my figure is quite curvy, and b) I'm pretty happy with my lot in that genetic lottery. I'm lucky in a lot of ways. 

Jon is pretty much exactly average height. But when he's with me, he gets to look really tall. :)

I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and the time frame I had for this was quite tight. So I had to limit myself to 3 toiles on this one. 3 toiles is fairly standard when I make a new design, but if I’d let my nerves get the better of me, I could have done more! 

The dress is fully lined, and for the lining I have used French seams. :) I'll give a bit more detail in a future post. 

The beautiful photographs are from Hannah Duffy of Wedding Belles. She was amazing and lovely and put us completely at ease. 

Thats all for today. Spring is springing, and I am planning to take a walk in the sunshine. But with my coat on, because this is England, and there's no need to get carried away. 


  1. Zoe so beautiful! You look so happy congratulations to you both. Love the dress. Xxxx from us all over here

  2. Wow! That looks beautiful and you turned it all around in 4 weeks. That is amazing. Congratulations to both of you. Looking forward to the details.

    1. Thanks Helen! Its funny - you said you thought you'd already commented on the other post, and I thought I'd replied. Gremlins in the system maybe?