Sunday, 2 February 2014

February - Heart Dress

Hi Again!

It's February. How did that happen? I can't get over how quickly January disappeared. I had about 4 times as many things I wanted to do, v's managed to do.

Anyway, for themes for the month, the obvious (to the point of painful) theme for February is Valentine's Day. When I considered this I imagined saccharine colours and applique heart motifs, little hand written 'Love' sayings - and the prospect of making something along those lines left me feeling a little bit flat. Gagging even. I almost abandoned the whole concept, until I had an idea.

I've decided to do this on my own terms.

May I present my Heart Dress.


 Yup. Anatomical Hearts! How cool is this?

My photo isn't as good as their website - lighting sucked. Check their website.
The fabric is from Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a company that allows you to custom design your fabric, or wallpaper or paper, and print it just for you. This design isn't my own, it's by The Sincere Sisters, who have this in another colourway as well. It didn't come cheap! Particularly as in addition to being custom printed, and postage, I had to pay tax to have it sent to the UK.

But OMG, I love it.
 It's lovely, the colours are bright. I washed a test swatch and the colours stayed clear without any noticeable shrinkage. It arrived in half the time they promised, so that was pretty impressive. They have a range of fabrics they will print on, and after I looked at the samples (which arrived in days) I chose the organic cotton sateen. That's what happens if you order samples, you'll be tempted to choose something even nicer than you originally planned.

Of course, due to the cost of the fabric, I was pretty nervous cutting it. You might say I had my heart in my mouth.

Anyway, the design is very simple - I used the same bodice as for the stripey dress featured in the previous project, with a couple of extra tweaks and a new neckline. The skirt is a simple A line. 
I haven't posted about the drafting on that one yet (I'm still trying to figure out where to start on it) so I can explain both in one go later.

I wanted to keep it as simple as possible so the print itself was the star of the show.

Right now, this feels like pretty much my favourite thing I've ever made.


  1. zoe this is sooooooooo fabulous!!!!!! i love the fabric, the cut, the model......brilliant!!! x fy

  2. Love your lateral thinking! V cool. Wanted to know what the shaping is of the top is it princess line, under bust seam. Just trying to work out your fit. I need to do more fitting practice. I did a formal dress last year and cos of the pattern we put an under bust seam in to get a better fit. It worked well. As the original shape did no thing nice to her figure.

    1. Ahh it's neither! It's actually a series of darts - including shaping. There was a LOT of testing to get them right but I am pleased as punch. I'll get some close up photos for you when I explain the bodice drafting.

  3. This is great! I love it!. I haven't bought from Spoonflower yet. I have the book of fabric swatches and like to spend time browsing the designs. The fabric does work out expensive but that's the price of something individual. I'd love to have the talent to design my own fabrics and get printed.

    1. Oh I know, expensive but reasonable for what it is.(Although the customs tax sucked...) I don't mean to go on and on about it but I am completely in love with this print. :)

      It kind of feels like using the good china - I had to tell myself over and over again that yes, I am good enough to buy an amazing piece of fabric, I am worth it...

      I'm so glad I did. :)