Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The 'Make This Look' Dress - What's the line up?

This dress was a specific 'challenge' of sorts. When Claire shared this picture, and said she wanted to make this dress, I thought I'd give it a go too.

The original picture is from 'Make This Look'. Check it out here. It was a great little sewing inspiration series which paired commercial patterns and fabrics to replicate or at least imitate existing dresses. I don't know if it's still going. :( The original dress is from ModclothModCloth "is an American online retailer specializing in vintage, vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories and decor" - just ask Wikipedia. They have some cool stuff. And they give things silly names with puns. Which is double-y cool in my book.

I'm not, and never was, madly in love with this style. Horizontal stripes over the bust on my figure doesn't seem the best plan. But I am enthusiastic about the challenge of copying this dress. Partly because I love a good knock off; the analytical stuff appeals to me - and I like working with stripes in particular because they provide clues to the story of the garment's construction. Partly because I've been reading about copyright.
Book review coming your way soon.
And partly because I remember seeing some Chinese calligraphy once, which I was told translated to "If you memorise 600 poems, you'll write a pretty good one of your own." Even if I have that completely wrong, I like that idea. I think it applies to dresses too, right?

In any case,  I opted not to use a premade pattern, and drafted my own.

Of course, this is not a direct copy. This version has been made to fit me. Some tweaks and concessions have been made to adapt the shape, and I will elaborate on those in a later post.

For today though, here are some photos. And while it may not be my 'best style of all time', I think for a technical challenge, it's turned out ok. I'm going to give it a generous 7/10.

Here I go holding that imaginary thing again...

As I said - more detail in the next few posts so do drop by again soon!


  1. Fabulous styling and patternmaking! But I agree that stripes seem to be for slender, boxy shapes rather than curves. The only striped fabric I've found that works for me is when they are swooshed in random directions. :) Ruth

    1. I've been toying with the idea of diagonals / chevrons. (I have more ideas than time!) I think a 'v' down the body could be flattering...

  2. Replies
    1. Why thank you! I don't love the modeling as much as the sewing. :/

  3. great looking dress, looking forward to the details - and book review.

    1. Thanks Helen! Sadly not happening as quickly as I'd hoped but still a priority...