Sunday, 15 December 2013

Asymmetrical Cowl and Gather Dress - Show and Tell!

This is my Christmas dress!

I have an asymmetrical cowl  and side gather on this one! It's red, despite the fact that red is not a great colour on me. But it's Christmas, and if I wear green, no-one will realise I'm doing something special for the season.

I have no idea what imaginary object I was holding in the photo on the left.
I love that I feel like I'm channelling Jessica Rabbit, despite the fact that it's a below the knee dress, with long(ish) sleeves and no cleavage. I think it's the glitter that does it.  

The glitter, incidentally, is absolutely everywhere. In my hair, stuck to my skin, in my laptop keyboard. I suspect it will be a permanent resident in my sewing basket from now on. I kinda don't care.

The cowl isn't a straight cowl. It's cut on an angle, which means it moves a bit differently.
I know I said I was done with cowls for a while, but then I started wondering how it would work if I cut it differently, and after many practices of folding and draping pieces of fabric thinking 'I wonder' I just had to make it. 

It drapes to the side, and crosses over. I've been playing around with it. :)

 I like this best. I found if I put a tiny stitch in the facing I can get it to open to the side rather than cross over. If I let it cross, I quite like that too but would probably want it to sit lower. So more cowls will probably happen as my curiosity gets the better of me.

I'm going to wear it with my reindeer earrings, because it's completely legit to feel sexy and silly at the same time.

Jon normally crouches down when he takes my photos. Just for fun, this is what happens when he doesn't....
Will be back soon with a breakdown of the drafting!


  1. Zoe it looks great, what is the pattern on the fabric?

    1. It has a sort of swirly pattern, so it's plain red in some spots with swirls of glitter.

  2. Great dress, love the colour and the fit is perfect.

    1. Thanks Helen! Each one gets that bit better. There was a lovely moment when I got the gather sorted and realised - yep, it is going to work!