Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sewing Techniques - Making Pointy Points!

Today's post is a follow on from the bunting post. I'm going to show a few quick tips to make neat points - relevant to bunting but just as relevant to making smart, neat collar points.

First - the sewing. I'm sewing down one side of the bunting flag, turning and sewing back up the other side.
 Sewing along one edge.

 Stop at the end, with the needle down in the fabric.

 Lift the presser foot.
 Spin the fabric around the needle.
 Align with the new edge,
 And drop the foot back down again.

Then continue sewing as before.
This should make a really neat corner.

So the stitching is in place, now we want to turn it inside out and make a neat point.
The trick is to press and clip before turning.

I zigzagged the edges here, which was completely unnecessary for bunting. So feel free to ignore that detail.

Starting with the stitched flag.
 I want to clip this, not straight across the bottom, but on an angle each side of the point. Get close to the stitches, but not too close!

 I want to reduce the bulk without weakening the point too much. When they fold over, I want the edges to overlap, but not bunch up.
I press it before turning.
Sorry - forgot to take a photo of the red one!
 And then it will sit flat in a point.

Then I turn it inside out, and the point already wants to sit that way.

It pretty much pops into place. I used a large knitting needle to guide some through. In doing that, it's really important that the point is handled gently.Because it has been clipped, it is very weak. This isn't a huge problem, because it is not going to be subjected to any strain once it is finished. With this method I find I have much more control than trying to turn it inside out and ram all that extra fabric into a tiny point. There shouldn't be any need to push it too hard.

Once I'm at this stage I press it.
 And clip the extra seam allowance at the top for a neat edge.

So there you have it. Super smart points. Two flags done, thirty-eight to go...

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  1. Lovely stitching and great photos!
    I bet this has kept you busy!