Thursday, 1 August 2013

The T-shirt Copy (part 2)

This is a follow up from the first t-shirt copy post.

I am not 100% happy with the fit on Maria's t-shirt. To the extent that it was the first thing that I thought about when I woke up. I know most people probably get up and have a cup of tea (coffee, whatever floats your boat) and maybe a stop at the bathroom before they get on with their day, but I am not those people. I am (apparently) a sewing junkie. I start the day by pulling out yesterday's patterns and frowning at them.

And having the following conversation with Jon:

      Me: Someone in France looked at my blog.

      Jon: That's cool. The French know a thing or two about fitting.

      Me: Oh crap. They do, don't they? I have to make the t-shirt again.

It's tempting to make a new one, and edit my first post and pretend like my pattern worked perfectly the first time. But it didn't. I'm pretty decent at this sewing thing, but I'm only getting any good by accepting that often the things you try and make fail. My measure of progress is that a) I seem to have a better success rate than I used to. b) My version of 'fail' has shifted slightly, and current failures now look like former successes. Because I've learned through all those stuff ups. Since I want to encourage others to give it a shot, I am putting the fail up too. Embrace the mistakes and stick with it.

So I pulled out the patterns I made, and made the following alterations, based on the darts we draped while Maria was here.

We found that we could comfortably take out quite a bit below the bust - 2cm and 1.5cm on each side when I pinned it. So I went with 1.5cm on each. Rather than making a dart, I pulled this out from the sides.

 I've drawn it on and highlighted it in the hopes that this will make it stand out. Do you like my scissors? I've lost my proper paper scissors, and I am using the kind intended for kids. They're horrible.
But that's not the point. I drew the line in from the fullness of the bust, through to its whole 1.5cm at the underbust, and then slightly less than 1.5 at the waist, because we want it to pull in under the bust and then keep that smooth line over the waist. I also trimmed a fraction off the hip, because I added a smudge too much before, and at the shoulders because they needed to sit in a little.

I made the same change on the back shoulder.
And cut that all out.
And this is the difference. The one on the left is the first version. On the right (with eyes closed!) is the improved fit. The shoulders are better, and the drape around the middle is better as well.

Updated version on the left here - again, better drape around the middle.

It's taken a while to get the photos. But I am very happy with that tiny revision.

         Maria: You know, it just goes to show that it's not the size, and its not the kind of fabric its made from. It's the shapes. I was worried this fabric was too thin, and that it would cling. But it doesn't!
And a final before and after - the original shirt and the latest version.

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  1. Wow! Amazing to see the diference some shape in the body of the T, the right length, and better bust room makes. Also love the V neck giving a bit more balance to the top half.... Begs the question why mass manufacturers can't give us a bit of shape in their Ts....