Sunday, 23 June 2013

Edges with stripes.

I've just finished off my first tank top - the one I made without darts as a reference for the dart position.
It is essentially the original t-shirt without sleeves.

I made it in plain black, and checked the fit and left it unfinished.

But then I had a bit of this left over.
I've been obsessing about stripes lately, thinking of different ways to use them. And I thought - I could make a really cute edge with that.

I cut strips of the leftover piece parallel to the stripes. A bit of playing about and I decided I wanted the strips about 3cm wide. This allows a 1cm seam allowance, and an exposed strip of 5mm. I chose 5mm because of the size of the stripes - if the stripes were wider, I would have made a wider strip. I was aiming for the effect of little squares - a broken dashed line around the edge, since the black lines should blend with the black fabric.

I cut the neckline strip about 5/6 of the length of the neckline - perhaps a little larger since there isn't as much stretch in the fabric in this direction. I cut the sleeve strips almost exactly the same length as the edge, since I don't want it to pull in snugly around the arm. I sewed them on, clipped the curves and then top stitched. When I got to the arm I had a brain wave, and just clipped the two in between layers so that the top edge would stretch over and make a prettier finish on the inside. I don't know how well it would work on the neck edge as it has to curve much more dramatically, but I'll try it next time.

This is the resulting edge.

 Kinda sweet, I think.

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