Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Stretch Wardrobe From (almost) Scratch Project

I plan to make a whole range of different but fairly simple garments, by copying existing clothes and modifying and improving them. Want to have a go too?

Not so long ago I picked up a magazine with some sewing projects, where all you need to do is go to the website, download the pattern, print them off and then stick the pages together.


I had done this before. I trialed Wild Ginger software (which is pretty neat, btw) and that involved putting your measurements into the program, which would then generate a printable pattern. You then print out the pattern on A4 sheets of paper and stick them all together with tape.

Having been through the stick them all together with tape process before, I really couldn't be arsed, sorry, bothered, doing that again. Because for one thing, it takes a lot of time, effort and sticky tape. And for another, I would then have to adjust the whole thing again anyway because it wouldn't fit me.

Poo to that.

I rather prefer the idea of having a block which fits you, and then altering that to suit the style. And I like the Japanese method where they make magazines for patterns, and diagrams about converting your block are used as the primary method of explaining how to do stuff.

But making a block is an involved process. You need someone to measure you. I don't have anyone handy. I need a quick and dirty way. I want a good fit.

So I copy.

My goal on this blog is to use a basic pattern or two (maybe three), copied off an existing garment, to build a series of patterns and create a wardrobe of stretchwear basics - and document in diagrams and photos how I do that. (As an aside, if any of my explanations aren't clear, please tell me. I'll improve them. ;)  )

I plan to start with these:

And from that I will make the following 12 items.
1) A copy of the shirt (possibly a different length). [Instructions here and here.]
2) A simple skirt: [Instructions here and here.]

3) A tank top. [Instructions]

4) A tank dress. [Instructions]
5) A long sleeve top with a different neckline.
6) A camisole with thick straps
***Watch this space****

7) A wrap front top
8) A mock wrap dress.
[Acutally, here I've gone with some variations instead. Check out the T-shirt Dress, the Wokingham Dress, and Stripes and Gathers]

9) A mock wrap skirt.

10) A bolero top.

11) A short cardigan.

12) A long length cardigan.

After that - we'll see how its going.

Wish me luck!


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