Tuesday, 23 April 2013

St George's Day Dress

So for St George's Day (23rd April), kids in some schools in England get to wear red and white, or Scouts / Brownie uniforms, instead of their regular uniforms. I am teaching at a school that did just that. The note went out, and I don't have a single red or white thing in my closet, because neither of those colours really look very good on me. But I can't wear blue and pretend I forgot, or I will look like a party pooper.

With only a week to think about it, I was tempted to go to Primark and buy a cheap red shirt, but that didn't really feel like a good plan. So I figured that could be plan B, and I would see if I could make something appropriate in time.

This is my St George's Day dress.

It is New Look 6184 view C with the belt from E.

I think its a bit retro. And while I look nothing like the Posh Spice wannabe on the front, I felt really cute all day.

Now I'm keeping my eyes open for some good dragon fabric, for next year. :)

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