Monday, 27 May 2013

Dressmaking To Flatter Your Shape

I have just been to the library. It seems that the Great British Sewing Bee has increased enthusiasm for sewing because the shelves seemed a little empty in the dressmaking section. Good!

But one of my favourite books, which is on the top of my 3 page Amazon wishlist, was still there.

"Dressmaking to Flatter Your Shape" by Lorna Knight.

Let me tell you why I think this book kicks shapely butt.

The illustrations are beautiful - they are of women that actually look like women. Most fashion illustrations don't - they are drawn on disproportionately tall, thin figures. When I look at these pictures, I think "That's what I look like!"

Hello healthy shapes!

The explainations are clear, and to me there is a really healthy body attitude present in the writing.
For example - here is a caption for said illustrations.

Poor dress proportion
When a dress does not match the figure, the bust, waist and hip levels are not in the same position as the body. This results in wrinkles and creasing where there is excess cloth and pulling in the areas where the dress is tight.

The focus is on the dress and the fit, not the body. The illustrations provide points of comparison for what it looks like, and what it should look like. Thre are photographic step-by-step instructions for making the alterations.

A skirt or dress with a poorly fitting waist can be irritating or uncomfortable to wear. By manipulating darts and seams on the pattern before cutting, it is easy to achieve a comfortable waist that also looks good.

Yes! Change the clothes to fit your body.

She also comments on the use of control underwear:

The power of pattern adaptations
While Spandex/Lycra-controlled underwear does wonders for the figure, it is not always comfortable to wear. By making clothes to suit your individual shape, you can conceal some bumps and lumps by accommodating them wisely with pattern adaptations.

Absolutely. Elegant and comfortable is the goal.
Lorna, I think you're cool.

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