Monday, 27 May 2013

Cool Toys

I just want to show you a picture of Randy (x2).

Heather and I made Randy at the end of a road trip. We got back to my place, and got our sewing geek on. Aren't they cute?

Randy is a pattern from Funky Friends Factory. I have also made their bunny.

Pauline from Funky Friends Factory make some of the nicest soft toy patterns I have seen for a while. I like patterns with darts and gussets and good shaping. When I was little, I used to go to Cronshaws with mum and flick through the toys in the pattern books. I have been somewhat dismayed at the change in the range available over the years - for one thing the dolls all seemed to disappear. But also, there seems something of a trend towards more simplified designs.

I wasn't entirely sure if I had imagined this trend - but after many conversations and a little further investigation, it seems to be genuine. I guess this has to do with a reduction in the level of sewing skill most people have over some decades, and a preference for 'beginner' style projects. Many of the soft toy books which have hit the bookstores recently leave me feeling a bit sad. :( Often the projects rely on using cute and trendy fabric rather than great design.

But these toys are not like that. They are easy to use and the instructions are clear. But despite their ease of use, they have wonderful gussets and shapes to them!

Pauline also has a good range of animals - bats and advarks and crocodiles and platypuses. And a giraffe. Who doesn't love a giraffe? Or a wombat?

So yay for Funky Friends. :)

Failing that - if you are looking for good quality toy patterns, think 'vintage'.

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