Saturday, 1 January 2011

An alteration

I am both quite short and in possesion of a full bust. Both of these factors create fitting problems, but sometimes together they provide an opportunity for a simple solution.

This dress has a seam running under the bust, all the way around the dress.
 Now if I had thought this through, I would have taken a before photo. For comparison. But I didn't think of it... I will do on the next project I promise.

In any case, when I put this on striaght of the (sales) rack, the front is pulled up, and the back falls down, in such a way that the bodice seam and the hemline are noticably lower than the front. But the front fits well, so I decided to run with it.

The first thing I did was to try the dress on, and pin where the back bodice seam should be. I also had a look to decide where it should taper from. I decided to bring it a bit around the front, and I pinned that spot too.

Then I unpicked the seam, making a top and a bottom piece.

Then I drew in the taper with chalk. I used a french curve, flipping it over for the other side to make a nice smooth line.

Then I trimmed this away, and put the dress back together.
I tried it on, and decided to take another 2cm out, so I repeated the process. When I was happy with that, I serged the seam.

Ta Da!

The bodice seam and hem are now parallel to the floor (I'm standing at an angle to the skirting board so its a bit deceptive).
Please forgive the hair. The weather was just a little warm. But I'm quite happy with my quick fix.

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